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ISSN Online 2321-2004
ISSN Print 2321-5526

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce taxonomy for classification of faults such as under voltage, overvoltage, over current and frequency variations and isolate the faulty zone at distribution side in a power system. The power demand is increasing and also the management of electric power distribution system is becoming more complex. The effective detection and correction of the faults in distribution side still remains an enigma to the power company. Such situations will lead to power disruption of a wide area. The existing system offers unlimited access to the usage of energy which in turn leads to massive power wastage. The proposed system is useful for facilitating alternative supply to an emergency load from nearby healthy zone. The proposed system also controls demand by shedding loads whenever the load exceeds the peak limit and is also provided with an innovative scheme for theft detection and monitoring of electrical power theft in the electrical distribution system.

Keywords: CT-Current Transformer; PT-Potential Transformer; ZCD- Zero crossing detector