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Since  2013

Dani George, Dheeraj V S,Sajana S,Swathy V Shenoy, Shameena M

Abstract: When more than one source is available for a given load, the sources may be utilized in a better manner to supply power efficiently to the load. In this project we consider two sources such as solar panel and wind energy. Both these are renewable energy sources and the production capacity of these depends upon a large number of external features. The project houses a DC bus in which both the powers generated by wind and solar are given to the load. Depending upon the load requirement only solar or the wind can be made to supply power. Using low voltage DC for the NANO grid provides various advantages such as easier integration with renewable sources and battery banks, increased savings, etc.Future systems would use renewable sources and storage devices to become self-sufficient in generation with bare minimum consumption from the grid. The project houses current and voltage sensors for measuring the power output of the solar panel and the wind energy. As the whole process takes place automatically there is a very lesser need for human interference and the electricity losses during the distribution can be saved on a huge scale.

Keywords: Power supply, NANO grid, solar panel, battery