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Abstract: In the recent decades, Urbanization has increased tremendously. At the same phase there is an increase in waste production. Waste management has been a crucial issue to be considered. This paper is a way to achieve this good cause. In this paper, smart bin is built on a microcontroller-based platform Arduino Mega board which is interfaced with GSM modem and Ultrasonic sensor. Now a day’s Automatic systems are being preferred over manual system to make life simpler and easier in all aspects. The number of users of internet has grown so rapidly that it has become a necessary part of our daily life. Dust bins placed across cities set at open placesare flooding because of increment in the waste each day andmaking unhygienic condition for the citizens, we have proposedwaste management system for smart cities whichallows municipal corporations to monitor status of dustbinsremotely over web server and keep cities clean very efficiently byoptimizing cost and time required for it. As soon as dustbin hasreached its maximum level, waste management department getsalert via SMS via GSM module placed at dustbin, so department cansend waste collector vehicle to respective location to collectgarbage.

Keywords: Arduino Mega 2560, Ultrasonic Sensor, Load Cell, Wi-Fi Module, GSM Module.