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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: Nowadays, model predictive based torque control is arise as one of the powerful control technique for the IM drives. The fast response and accuracy is the main features of predictive torque control technique. The control technique includes the predictive controller to obtain better dynamic response and PI controller to attain better steady state response. The main characteristics of PTC is by using the machine model for determining the future performance of the variables which is to be controlled. In MPTC scheme, the command signals are indicated as cost function, which is to be reduced. It has increased resilience to use constraints that gives low computational complexity compared to simple vector controlled schemes. PTC offers increased dynamic behaviour and improved speed responses. A modified MPTC is sugested for the control of the torque ripple minimization. A portion of time interval is given to the non zero voltage vector, while the remaining time is given for a zero vector. The minimisation of torque ripple concept help to know the time period for individual vectors. The proposed method proves that it gives excellent steady state response by the reduction of the torque ripples.

Keywords: Direct torque controls, induction motors, predictive torque controls.