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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: In the conventional air conditioning system, induction motors are used for driving the compressor. The main problem of AC(Alternating current) supply while using an inductive load is low power factor, presence of plentiful harmonics at the ac input side and it requires high starting current. Here the induction motor is replaced with an SRM (Switched reluctance motor), and thus the system can be used for low power solar applications. The efficiency of a switched reluctance motor is more compared to a conventional induction motor. In air conditioning system, using inverter technology as drive circuit for induction motor, DC is obtained at the second stage of the inverter circuit. This DC supply can be used to drive the Switched reluctance motor and thus the cost of additional drive circuit can be compensated. SRM has relatively high starting torque compared to induction motor with minimum starting current, which makes it more suitable for air conditioning system, which further enhances the power quality for the power distribution system. Further, the SRM can be used in places where DC grid exists, i.e. in a train. Conventionally, induction motors are used in a train to drive its air conditioning system. And the DC supply is inverted and fed to the induction motor. Replacing induction motor with Switched reluctance motor in air conditioning system of train will improve the overall efficiency of the system and thus reduce the running cost. Life expectancy of a SRM is comparable to that of an induction motor. So, SRM can be used in place of induction motor in these applications.

Keywords: air conditioners, induction motors, switched reluctance motor, perturb and observe