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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: A Two inductor boost converter (TIBC) for photovoltaic applications is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter provides better solutions to renewable energy sources. The proposed system is mainly based on a current resonant converter which is also known as TIBC. The classic topology of the TIBC features is increased voltage gain and reduced current ripple. The proposed system is efficient and low cost. The analysis of TIBC with PV array has been simulated using MATLAB Simulink. In this paper, it is further modified with snubber along with hysteresis controller to improve its efficiency. The converter is designed to drive three phase induction motor directly from PV energy. For tracking maximum available solar power, maximum power point tracking hill climb algorithm is used. The use of a three-phase induction motor presents a better solution to the commercial dc motor water pumping system. The development is oriented to achieve a more efficient, reliable, maintenance-free, and cheaper solution than the standard ones that use dc motors or low-voltage synchronous motors.

Keywords: Induction motor, dc-dc power conversion, dc-ac power conversion, solar power generation.