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Abstract-Converter system that does both dc–dc conversionand dc–ac conversion in a single stage is called a single-stage converter system (SSCS). The two stage power conversionwill be done in a single stage by this converter. The maindrawback of the two stage conversion system are complexity in control, low efficiency ,and large size. Maximum power point tracking also incorporated to track maximum power at different isolation .Incremental l conductance method is the method for maximum power point tracking used in the proposed system. The proposed system produce output voltage higher or lower than the input voltage .The proposed system has low switching loss, high gain, and compact in size. Coupled inductor is used to produce high gain . The proposed system produce output voltage of 230V.The simulation is done in MTLAB simulation results arepresented to validate the proposed idea.

Keywords-Single-stage, Gridconnected, Buck-boost, Inverter.