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Abstract: The static pollution-free Photovoltaic (PV) Cells are considered as one of the most important and promising type of renewable energy systems. Photovoltaic power generation is however possible only on a sunny day, and there is complete absence of power on a cloudy day .The suggested solution to this problem is a hybrid system. Hybrid systems such as Solar-Wind, Solar-Wind-Fuel Cell Hybrid systems etc are defined as energy systems combining two or more complementary power generation devices where the best features of each source is captured. A Novel Stand-Alone Photovoltaic –Synchronous Generator Hybrid system is proposed here, in which the Maximum Power Point of the PV generator is tracked, and is used to control the AVR of the Synchronous Generator .This AVR is now used to control the Voltage of the common coupling point of the Synchronous Generator and the PV Generator Thus the voltage of the PCC will be the voltage corresponding to the MPP. A Power control unit is incorporated to control the driving torque of the synchronous generator once the PV generator becomes unable to meet the requirements of the motor because of reduction of the solar irradiance and/or increase of the load.

Keywords: Photovoltaic Cell, Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Automatic voltage regulator (AVR), Synchronous generator.