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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: Induction motors are the widely used machines in many industrial applications. But the induction motors results in high starting current, occurrence of common mode voltages, difficult to control etc. This work proposes controlling of a dual inverter fed induction motor with open end stator windings. The three level dual inverter received large attention due to its simplicity and it reduces the voltage rating of the semiconductor devices which further reduces cost of the system. This system is operated using an integrated control which includes maximum power point tracking and space vector pulse width modulation technique. A boosting converter with a high voltage gain is also used which requires no chemical storage elements such as batteries and make the system more effective. For tracking the maximum power Perturb and observe method is used. Space vector modulation is designed such that it eliminates the common mode voltages generated and has less distortions compared to the conventional methods. The modeling of dual inverter fed open end winding induction motor, conventional induction machine, PV system, MPPT algorithm, Dickson charge pump and switching of inverters using space vector modulation has been done and the output waveforms obtained are analyzed.

Keywords: Common mode voltage, Dickson charge pump, Open end winding induction motor, Space vector modulation.