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ISSN Online 2321-2004
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Abstract: This  paper  proposes  a  novel  regenerative  braking scheme for electric vehicle driven by brushless dc motor and uses a  new  control  technique to  utilize  regenerative  braking energy effectively and uses fuzzy logic to utilize regenerative braking energy effectively. Drawback of electric vehicle is that long travelling, distance covered between two charging stations, less accelerating power during uphill driving. The fuel efficiency and driving range of electric vehicle can be improved by regenerative braking energy. To provide smooth brake, the electric brake distribution is realized through Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). The battery has high energy density however low power density yet super-capacitor has low energy density yet high power density. Keeping in mind the end goal to conquer the faults a battery super-capacitor crossover energy stockpiling framework is utilized. During uphill driving the electric vehicle requires more power for climbing, according to the load and required power a hybrid super-capacitor battery energy storage system is switched. To control motoring and braking in electric vehicle several bidirectional converters are used to integrate batteries and super-capacitors. The braking action in regeneration is much affected because of discontinuous input current at motor end and regenerative braking failure at lower back-EMF.

Keywords: Brushless DC Motor (BLDC), EV (ElectricVehicle), Fuzzy Logic Contol (FLC), HESS (Hybrid Energy Storage System), Regenerative Braking Energy (RBE), State Of Charge (SOC).