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Abstract: Agriculture is the linchpin of any sort of financial system and it is the only area where engineering has not penetrated into greater depth. The field of agriculture is responsible for the existence of towns, cities, nations, stock market and economy. Agriculture or farming is the base of a civilization or a nation and any stable economy. The discovery of agriculture and the art of cultivating the field was the first step of mankind towards stabilized life. Farming is not a business; it’s a means of life. Any culture can exist without other professions, merely to live without agriculture is impossible. Automation of agricultural sector is the need of the hour and this paper describes the use of Agricolae Amicus Bot which performs the farming activity of ploughing with command received from the remote. Agricultural activities like ploughing, seed dispersal, fertilizer / pesticide / herbicide spraying, weed removal, harvesting etc. can be easily implemented with the help of a robotic vehicle which is controlled with the help of a remote. This paper describes the functioning of this bot and the future aspects of development of this bot.

 Keywords: AA Bot, Infrared, GPS, UAV, Data Acquisition, RF, BLE, IoT

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