Abstract: Power the word itself says to what extent the world is dependent on it. We are totally dependent on the power which is making the usage higher and higher which left us with energy crises and increasing costs of the energy usage. Itís time for Energy conservation. These days, number of people in favor of the Energy saving has been increasing not to lessen the cost of usage but to let our future generations live with light and luxury. In this project we have analyzed different methods of energy auditing and we have analysed Energy conservation measures for College building that will save the electricity to a little higher extent by using Energy Efficient Devices. The energy audit in a Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology is a case study. For it not only serves to identify energy use among the various services and to identify opportunities for energy conservation but it is also a crucial first step in establishing an energy management. The audit will produce the data on which electricity conservation is depend. The study should reveal to the owner, or management team of the building the options available for reducing energy waste, the costs involved, and the benefits achievable from implementing those energy-conserving opportunities. The energy management is a systematic strategy for controlling a college energy consumption pattern. It is to reduce waste of energy and money to the minimum value. Solar power plant is another strategy for controlling a college energy consumption.

Keywords: Audit methodology, observation, Energy Audit, Energy efficiency, Bill, Saving, Payback Period, Measure calculation, conservation.