Abstract: This paper focused on identification of simple power system faults using wavelet based analysis of transmission line parameter disturbances. Generally the transients are non stationary waves. Wavelets are best choice to analyses the transient signals. The faults in transmission lines are line to ground fault, line to line fault and three phase faults.. Many researches are even going on to enhance the techniques to solve these problems. Here discrete wavelet transform is used for extract the hidden factors from the fault signal by performing decomposition at each level. These transients can be analyzed by using DWT ( discrete wavelet transform) and the fault can be classified. The maximum detail coefficient, energy of the signal and the ratio of energy change of each phase currents are calculated from the transients produced by each phases due to faults using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and thus detecting and classifying transmission system faults. MATLAB Simulation results presented here validates the component models and the chosen fault detection scheme.

Keywords: Transmission line faults, fault detection, matlab simulink, discrete wavelet transform.