Abstract: Disability is the state of a person in which one has to depend on others for their own needs. Visual impairment is one of the disabilities of a human being. To date numerous methods had been proposed to enhance the life style of visually impaired and blind people. Still purchasing products in the supermarket without others support is tricky one for them. The paper describes a system that provides the guidance for them to identify and purchase their products in the supermarket. Quick Response code (QR code) technology is implemented to identify the product which is far better than existing RFID technology . The audio instructions will assist them inside the supermarket based on the real time situations. It provide obstacle detection to navigate inside the supermarket without colliding with any 3D object. To make the supermarket in a smarter way the billing system is automated. Hence it eliminates the existing queuing system in the supermarket. The ultimate aim of this system is to eliminate others support for visually impaired people in shopping and provide them a convenient and sophisticated environment. On implementing this system, it facilitates the blind people shopping, save the customer's time and promotes business sales. And using IOT product price is compared with market price.

Keywords: IOT, QR code, RFID.