Abstract: Unmanned Multipurpose Transporter (UMT) is a transporter to transport an object or device to the targeted/intended point. In this project, the transporter is customized to mobilize Dengue Fighting Capsule (DFC), which is a device meant for controlling dengue mosquito population. The function of DFC is to provide a comfortable water bedding for the dengue mosquito to lay its egg and subsequently, the eggs will be shocked by using the electrical current before pouring them on a layer of dry sand. In this way, DFC eliminates the egg before it hatches into full grown next-in-line carrier of dengue virus. Secondly, having the eggs on a layer of dry sand will further decreases the chances of the eggs from hatching. Often, the mosquitoes breading area is normally located at difficult to reach or unreachable places for example, gaps formed underneath the buildings due to residing of the soft soil over times, in the stagnant open pools of water or in both cases. In this project, we aim at developing a prototype of transporter to transport the DFC that is able to overcome all the challenges such as stagnant water pools, rough topology of ground and others. Beside physical built-up challenges, stability and anchoring in water by the transporter will also be studied. Deep understanding is required for the design and development of UMT as it involves multidisciplinary areas in engineering and technology.

Keywords: Integrated Unmanned Multipurpose Transporter, dengue fighting capsule (DFC), prototype, stability, mosquito population control.