Abstract: The public transportation in many countries is being used as a means of transport for travelling and accordingly people would prefer these public transportation to be scheduled properly .This paper suggests the use of RFID technology with embedded system to provide an improved bus ticketing system with RFID tag. The proposed system is an efficient utilization of RFID with embedded system facilitates the smart ticketing in bus. This system elaborates the installation of RFID reader circuit in each and every bus to calculate the ticket charges. Depending upon the distance (number of stations) travelled; the corresponding cost is automatically deducted from the userís account. This task is implemented by using an automated database system which makes the transactions faster, easier and free of ambiguity. The proposed system is used to navigate the different routes of bus using bus number as well as source and destination address. The systems also include modules such as girls security, healthcare and emergency alerts to nearby police station or nearby hospital.

Keywords: RFID Tag, RFID Reader, LCD Keypad, Node MCU.