Abstract: Phishing is the fraudulent electronic communications (emails, text messages, or instant messages) that appear to come from legitimate businesses to entice you to provide personal information. The fraudster then uses your information to commit identity theft or lure you to further engage in scams. Voice based surveillance system keeps track of certain voice based keywords like PIN Number, ATM card number, Password, Credit card number, lucky draw winner etc., in the conversation occurring between the potential attacker and the victim. When these keywords are detected, the system sends an alert message to the userís mobile phone with a vibration for 2 to 3 seconds and switches to the surveillance mode and starts tracking various details about the potential attacker like, the origin/location of the attackerís call, phone number, service provider details and stores them in a temporary memory. If any transaction happens with the userís bank account within a predefined threshold time after the phishing conversation has been detected, then the system sends an alert message to both the customer and bank about the transactions. The alert message comprises of various details regarding the bank transaction IP address of the machine from where the transaction was carried out, transaction ID, time stamp of transaction, phone numbers details (service provider names, phone user names and geographic location) of both the user and the potential attacker.

Keywords: Potential attacker, victim, surveillance mode, alert message, transaction.