Abstract: The proposed system concentrates on working up a framework that will extend the Banking security. The loss of advantages and rigging's a result of theft is starting at now a tremendous issue nowadays. This task is exceptionally helpful to avoid the unlawful exercises like theft. This framework embraced a venture to enhance bank security framework including locker security which depends on Ultrasonic sensor, PIR sensor, Metal Detector and microcontroller gadgets. Here the system completed some additional wellbeing highlights in the current situation so the course of action could turn out to be more secure than any other time in recent memory it would be. In this framework, we included an extremely intriguing component like the GSM to send OTP . This advanced method to build up a Banking security framework more protected when contrasted with the frameworks just utilizing a PIN or password.

Keywords: Bank security system, PIR sensor, Arduino MEGA, Ultrasonic sensor, Metal Detector, GSM Module.