Abstract: Electromyography (EMG) is the scientific investigation of electrical movement delivered by skeletal muscles. EMG is a case of present day human interface which can be utilized as a part of the field of medical and engineering. Through this paper we will examine about standard parameters which can be utilized to investigate EMG-Surface EMG (SEMG)/surface checking EMG signals in light of the fact that these parameters mirrors the physiological action of the engine unit. In this paper, we will likewise examine the historical backdrop of EMG, sorts of EMG, qualities of EMG signals, muscles engaged with developments of hand, parameters which are used to investigate EMG signal, assortment of uses where EMG signs can be utilized. This paper will give the specialists a decent comprehension of EMG signal and its investigation. This information will help them to grow all the more effective and proficient applications.

Keywords: EMG, SEMG, Android system, Microcontrollers, Bluetooth.