Abstract: The main objective is to develop a model capable of performing multiple farming operations by incorporating a number of agricultural equipment into an autonomous robot. It contains a hopper, harvester, plougher, medicine sprinkler, fertilizer sprayer and chain drive mechanism. These components are controlled by microcontrollers and this is in turn operated by remote control.The approach is now to develop smarter machines that are intelligent enough to work in an unmodified or semi natural environment such as paddy or wheat fields. These machines do not have to be intelligent in the way we see people as intelligent but must exhibit sensible behaviour in recognised contexts. A single machine carrying out a variety of operations will greatly reduce costs of operations. Fertilizers are remotely dispersed which reduces the exposure of these chemicals to humans. Huge tracts of land can be cultivated in a short amount of time. Since the operations are automated, costs of employing humans are reduced.

Keywords: Agribot, Plougher, Harvester, Hopper.