Abstract: This paper presents the power electronic circuits for PV panel and Local energy storage system (i.e. Battery). The power converter is a three port non isolated DC-DC converter with (I) unidirectional port for PV panel and (II) Bidirectional port for battery (Charging and Discharging).PV arrays are operating in low voltage range and for low generating power system, in order to extract high power and also to connect them with large voltage DC bus, power electronic converter are very essential and useful. To analyze all the different modes of operating conditions and designing the power converter circuit, a theoretical calculation are carried out and which are given in the form of main equations. This analysis is compared with simulation result to validate the proposed system, and is simulated in MATLAB SIMULINK for low wattage of power.

Keywords: Power electronic step up-step down converter, Local energy storage system, PV panel, three port DC-DC converter.