Abstract: The present electricity billing system in India is inaccuracy flat and time consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro-mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter readings and errors while processing the paid bills and the due bills. There is no proper way to know the power usage details, load shedding schedules and power robbery. One of the remedies for these drawbacks is implementation of a Smart energy meter. This paper is on the development of a smart energy meter which is having capabilities like remote monitoring and controlling of energy meter. Here the consumer pays the electricity bill well in advance before the energy consumption which would be entitled as pay first and then use it. Each consumer has varying load demands thus depending on those load demands suitable amount of units (kWh) are recharged based on the pulses from the energy meter, microcontroller decrements the number of units of power consumption and displays the remaining available units on LCD display. When the count becomes zero the load is disconnected and it is reconnected when the consumer recharges the units of power. This system helps the consumers and power distribution companies to access the accurate and updated data from the energy meter by sending a message (SMS) to that energy meter, the information is being sent and received with the help of Global system for mobile communication (GSM) network. This energy meter gives the power cut information to the users with a buzzing sound. It also provides the feature of disconnection of power supply to the load whenever there occurs the power theft activities such as bypassing the power supply, this can be done from the distribution company by sending a message (SMS). This system mitigates the revenue losses of the distribution company a larger extent, which in turn helps distribution company to provide quality power to consumers.

Keywords: Energy Meter, Power Supply Unit, transformer Unit, Bridge Rectifier, Voltage Regulator, Microcontroller AT89C51, GSM modem.