Abstract: This paper analyses the performance of a three phase grid tie inverter through simulation. The converter current controller is based on synchronous reference frame and d-q transformation which provides the reference voltage signal for the desired converter output voltage. The Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation generates firing pulses for six MOSFETs of the three phase full wave bridge converter and inturn regulates the active and reactive power flow of the converter. The dynamic variation in the voltage of DC source is neglected and hence DC voltage is held constant. The DC bus current is controlled by varying active current reference Iqref. Accordingly the DC source can absorb or supply active power by varying Iqref of the controller. The performance evaluation of three phase grid tie inverter for active power interaction while providing reactive power support is carried out in the present work.

Keywords: d-q transformation, Grid tie inverter, SPWM, MATLAB/Simulink.