Abstract: The role of communication satellite in natural and global information infrastructure is diverse. A metamaterial based rectangular patch antenna is designed for satellite communication which is cantered at 4GHz of C- band and the antenna characteristics namely return loss, VSWR, radiation pattern are analysing. The C-band communication which ranges in 4-8 GHz, are less disturbed by noises and heavy rain. Moreover the bandwidth available in C-band is cheaper. The main application of C-band is Television communication. The television applications use C- band and Ku-band of electromagnetic spectrum. The specified antenna can be used in LNB (Low Noise Block converter) of DTH (Direct To Home). Normally, DTH is used for Ku-band due to the reduced dimension of antenna. But C-band requires large dimension, hence the antenna is designed using metamaterial approach which can reduce the size of antenna up to 50% .The micro strip patch antenna is used increasable because it can be directly printed on the circuit board and is of low profile and low cost. Antennas employing metamaterial offer the possibility of overcoming restrictive efficiency bandwidth limitations for conventionally constructed, miniature antennas. The High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software is used to design this antenna which is more accurate and give faster solution. The designed frequency band and size of antenna are meeting the requirement of antenna used for the satellite communication, especially in television application.

Keywords: Metamaterial, microstrip patch antenna, HFSS,C-band.