Abstract: The term multipulse is characterized as any number of six n-pulse bridge rectifiers connected in series or parallel, where n is greater than one. The two fundamental points of interest to utilizing multi-pulse rectifier topologies are a decrease in the ac input line current harmonic and a reduction in the dc output voltage ripple. One of the outline objectives in multipulse converters is to increase the pulse number so as to wipe out more harmonics in the input line current. Numerous multipulse converters are acquainted with accomplish clean power, for example, an ordinary 12- pulse converters, 18- pulse converter and 24- pulse system. These multi pulse converters are shaped by a blend of 6- pulse bridge rectifiers, isolation transformers and so on which result in extensive size and cost. Moreover, in multipulse system careful attention topractical aspects, for example, leakage reactance in series witheach diode rectifier bridge interphase reactor windingdesign and pre-existing utility voltage distortion isimportant for equal current sharing and elimination ofharmonics in the input line currents.

Keywords: Phase shifting transformer, multipulse ac–dc converter (MPCs), pulse multiplication, VSI, Induction Motor drive.