Abstract: The objective of this project is to develop a robotic system –RoMed; for effective storage, dispensing and tracking of medication, that helps in better hospital management. The system mainly aims at helping patients in taking their medicines in correct dosages. The characteristic features of this prototype model include: reading of distribution details at the start of the day, loading of medicines from the available stock for multiple patients based on input data, distribution and delivery at corresponding rooms. It incorporates microcontroller with servo motors for the dispensing of medicines. The device works according to the prescription entered by the doctor. There is also a provision for the doctor to change the dosage or even the medicine as required. The vehicle carries out the process by reaching out to every assigned room, notifying the inmates (alarm) about their medications and also delivering the same. The vehicle has mechanisms for obstacle detection. Upon encountering an obstacle in its path, the vehicle assumes an alternative path and continues the process assigned to it. The vehicle also has the added feature of “double trial” of deliveries. The vehicle attempts to deliver the undelivered medicines one more time if the delivery fails in the first chance, even then if the attempt fails, the information of the same is passed on to the concerned personnel. There are segregated cartridges for medicine storage. The path is predefined and realized using rpm based concept with infrared sensor array for obstacle detection.

Keywords: Storage, dispensing, tracking, medication, cartridges.