Abstract: The intensive use of various nonlinear loads like power electronics equipment create harmonics. These harmonics causes very serious damage in powers system such as resonance, overheating of neutral wire, low power factor, damage of microprocessor based equipment. In order to overcome this problem shunt active power filter is introduced. The proposed scheme is a combination of PI controller, active filter, hysteresis current control loop and a dc link capacitor. The switching signal generation for filter is from hysteresis current controller techniques. With all these element shunt active power filter reduce the total harmonic distortion. This paper presents the simulation and analysis of shunt active power filter to compensate harmonics .The proposed shunt active filter model uses balanced non-linear load. This scheme successfully lowers the THD within IEEE norms and satisfactorily works to compensate current harmonics. The model is made in MATLAB / SIMULINK and successfully reduces the harmonic in the source current.

Keywords: Shunt active power filter, reference current generation, hysteresis current control.