Abstract: Standalone operation of a wind turbine generating system during fluctuating wind and variable load conditions is a difficult task. Moreover, high reactive power demand makes it more challenging due to the limitation of reactive capability of the wind generating power system. A Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) system consisting of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG), a hybrid energy storage, a dump load and a mains load is considered in this project. The hybrid energy storage consisting of a battery storage and a Supercapacitor where both are connected to the DC bus of the RAPS system. An energy management algorithm (EMA) is proposed for the hybrid energy storage in order to improve the performance of the battery storage. A coordinated control approach is introduced to manage the active and reactive power flows among the RAPS components. In this regard, individual controllers for each RAPS component have been developed for effective management of the RAPS components. The results will be carried out through MATLAB/Simulink R2014a environment.

Keywords: Battery storage, hybrid energy storage system, permanent magnet synchronous generator, remote area power supply, super capacitor.