Abstract: As we are aware energy from the environment is theoretically unlimited but the instantaneous harvested power varies with the environmental conditions and also the energy harvesting mechanism have to utilize the environmental energy fully. Power management circuits have to be built which will track the status of environmental energy and can extract the maximum power from the energy transducer. But due to environmental energy status and the energy harvesting mechanism, the real time harvested electrical power may be insufficient to drive the load. In order to guarantee the correct operation of any system, hybrid supplies were proposed where the system was powered by different kinds of energy sources. The sources can be super capacitor, fuel cell, rechargeable battery, or other environmental energy. When the output power from the primary energy source is insufficient for the load, the secondary energy source is used to power the system to achieve a longer lifetime. A method with a single inductor dual output DC-DC converter is proposed with proper power management

Keywords: Dual input, DC-DC converter, multiple output, MPPT.