Abstract: The conventional inverters are used to convert the DC from non-renewable sources to AC required for grid. The problems faced by these inverters are unexpected occurrence of shoot-through within the bridge arms and failure of reverse recovery during freewheeling mode. The dual buck inverters (DBI) will not suffer the problems due to shoot through and reverse recovery. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of output, dual buck multilevel inverters are used. They can provide better AC output with lower number of components than conventional multilevel inverters. In this paper a comparison of three level dual buck inverter and series-switch five level dual buck full bridge inverter is discussed. A novel topology of series-switch five-level dual buck full bridge with single inductor is proposed. The proposed topology requires single inductor and hence the size is reduced. Simulation is carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The results obtained validate the performance of the proposed topology.

Keywords: Dual Buck Inverter, Multilevel Inverter, Three-Level Dual Buck Inverter, Series-Switch Five-Level Dual Buck Inverter, Single-Inductor.