Abstract: A renewable energy resource can be used repeatedly because it is replaced naturally i.e., it is limitless. Example: solar energy, water, tidal. So, they represent reliable alternatives to conventional energy sources example oil and natural gas. But, the efficiency and performance of these systems are still under development. The PV systems are mostly used as they are light and easily installable. This system connection to the grid requires special conditions to obtain a high quality Electrical power system. This paper presents the interfacing of three phase grid connected PV system. DC-DC step up converter (boost converter) with maximum power point tracing (MPPT) is used to extract the maximum power obtained from the sun and transfer it to the grid. In any PV based system, the inverter is a critical component which is responsible for the control of electricity flow between the dc source, and load or grid so a voltage source inverter (VSI) is used to convert the DC power; into AC power before transferring it into the grid. A comprehensive simulation and implementation of a three-phase grid connected inverter are presented to validate the proposed controller for the grid connected PV system.

Keywords: Renewable energy, Grid, PV modules, Photovoltaic system, Boost converter, MPPT, Voltage source inverter.