Abstract: The solar automatic Plant Watering System works on the principal of conductivity in the soil. As the moisture content or dampness of the soil also plays one of the important roles in the development of the plants. So it is important to keep the moisture contain. In the field of the agriculture, use of proper method of watering system like irrigation etc. Is important because the main reason is lack of rain and scarcity of land reservoir water. To tackle the problems of agricultural sector regarding irrigation system with available water resources. New concepts of technology are being developed to allow agricultural automation to enhance the yield of the crops. The aim of the project is to minimize this manual intervention by the agriculturist. Automated Irrigation system will serve the following purposes firstly as there is no un-planned usage of water, a lot of water is saved from being wasted secondly the irrigation is the only method when there is not enough moisture in the soil and the sensors which decides when the pump should be turned on/off, which saves a lot time for the agriculturist. This also gives much needed rest to the farmers, as they donít have to go and turn the pump on/off manually. In this project we use solar energy which is used to operate the irrigational pumps. Here Transistors are configured as a current controlling device. Two stiff copper wires are inserted in the soil to sense the moisture contain in the soil.

Keywords: Solar energy, transistors, soil moisture, irrigational system.