Abstract: As the world is stressed with the energy and fuel crises, compounded by pollution, any technology that brings out a solution to this problem is considered as a gift to man-kind. One of such new technologies is the development of a new engine called as “Compressed Air Engine or Pneumatic Motor”. The primary objective of this paper is to present an idea about compressed air engine, to cope up the shortage of most commonly used fuels and go for compressed air as an alternate fuel; Compressed air engine can be one of the most promising electrical energy generating technology. Compressed Air Energy if combined with pneumatic motor connected to an alternator can be connected to the main grid or installed at isolated loads (remote areas for example) can be a viable alternative to others energy generating technologies. Indeed, because of the advantage of fast response, high economic performance and small environmental impacts, Compressed Air Energy has an extensive application prospect. In this paper, we present an idea about the use of this technology in both small and large scale for producing Eco-Friendly Electrical Energy. This review includes a Pneumatic Motor (Compressed air Engine), the alternators, storage of compressed gas, and smart switching of gas cylinders using microcontrollers.

Keywords: compressed air engine, alternate fuel, electrical energy generating technology, fast response, high economic performance, small environmental impacts.