Abstract: Underground Mine Safety Monitoring System can achieve a variety of safety factors of production, and underground environment (such as gas, temperature, Roof Fall etc) for monitoring mine production, safety management to provide a good basis for decision making. A smart system is being proposed here, that is able to detect and evaluate air quality (Toxic gases) and Hazardous events in the underground mining industry. It gives a new method of analysing hazardous events happening in the mining such as Methane, Propane, Butane, Benzene, Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. This paper which gives detail description of a system to evaluate the concentration of hazardous gases. This system is developed with ARM processor apart from this the proposed system will indicate the helmet position on the person as well as any external input on the helmet and . To measure these events suitable sensors will be used and interfaced to ARM processor and ZigBee. The system prototype developed has many advantage that makes it convenient to work in harsh environment of underground mine, monitoring the concentration of deadly gases in its atmosphere along with temperature, Fire, Pressure, IR sensor.

Keywords: Smart System, ARM Processor, ZigBee, IR sensor.