Abstract: Power theft detection and control system using Internet of things present an efficient and less costly way to transfer the power consumed by the consumer wirelessly as Electricity consumer dishonesty is a serious problem faced by all utilities. This wireless technology is used to overcome the theft of electricity which can be done by using excess amount of power beyond the limit of meter. In this paper, main purpose is to monitor the power consumed by a model organization such as household consumers, various industries etc. Detection and control of power has been done by calculating the power consumed by the user at a given time with the help of meter. Electricity meter consists theft detection unit which will notify company side in the event of meter tempering or theft practice occur in electricity meter and also it will send information regarding theft detection by using modem and the theft detected will be displayed on the terminal screen or window of the company side, so that they send message to the registered contact number of the customer as a warning. Due to this, customer receive the warning message even though they are continue using the excess power then Electricity board section will cut the power supply of the customer. IOT operation can be performed by Wi-Fi device which sending meter data to the web page through the IP address. The IOT based concept are used so that Electricity board section continuously monitor the consumption of power and billing information that is calculated using microcontroller.

Keywords: Internet of things, detection, electricity theft, microcontroller, IP address, electricity meter.