Abstract: The cost of a renewable energy (RE) is higher than a conventional fuel-driven engine, but has less or negligible operating cost. Due to the above advantage of RE on the reliability and cost effectiveness, system designers are looking for ways to combine known as hybrid power system. Therefore, hybrid power system is used to reduce the dependency either on conventional energy. In these Paper we are combining Wind Turbine and PV System, through which EMS is controlled. But considering the Reliability and quality, charging and Discharging of battery remains an prime importance especially during the Power outages or Load variations. Unlike conventional approaches, Evolutionary algorithm like Hyper-Spherical Search (HSS) are used for tuning the PID Parameters through which charging and Discharging of Batteries are controlled. Usage of Evolutionary algorithm not only improves the power quality but also maintance balance between generation and load.

Keywords: Hybrid Renewable Energy System, PID Controller, Hyper-Spherical Search, Wind-Turbine, PV.