Abstract: In this paper, various types of dynamic facial expression are recognized by real time image processing using support webcam. Dynamic facial expression recognition is continuous process and gives the results immediately.Real time image processing consists of three modules i.e. face detection, face tracking and facial expression recognition modules. In the following paper, facial expression recognition system works by tracking a face and recognizing the face in four classes of expressions : mental state, physiological activities, verbal and non-verbal communication. In absence of any expression, it is said to be “Neutral” expression and intensity of a particular expression can be identified by the level of its “dissimilarity” from the Neutral expression. Several facial expressions can be represented by only two types of information’s : (i) class to which it belongs (ii) its intensity. So, one of the major perform a which is given maximum importance in this project through which facial expression is supposed to be detected is its intensity.

Keywords: Facial expression, recognition, dynamic facial expression, real time.