Abstract: Internet of things has taken the world to the next level with its principle of internetworking of physical devices. Automation is the key concept behind IoT (Internet of Things). A smart electricity meter designed on the basis of IoT features reduces the involvement of manpower in electricity invoice generation. It primarily increases the accuracy in invoice generation which in-turn boosts country’s economy. Smart electricity meter is designed in such a way that it overcomes all the possible miscellaneous techniques of meter tampering. A remote enabled energy consumption indicator will always solve the problem of energy crisis existing in the world. A NODEMCU is used as an interface unit between existing electricity meter and end user to establish connectivity. This paper presents a comprehensive study of smart electricity meter and their utilization focusing on key aspects of metering process, different consumer interests, and the technologies used to satisfy consumer interest. Furthermore this paper highlights the challenges raised due to tampering of electricity meter and a way to resolve them.

Keywords: NODEMCU, MQTT, I.R.SENSOR, Hall Effect Sensor.