Abstract: Fingerprint-based security systems can be used in a variety of settings, including industries, offices, and colleges, as well as in our own homes. This project combines "Biometrics technology" and "Embedded system technology" in a unique way. The fingerprint sensor is the most important component of this system. It detects fingerprints using a biometric sensor. It is also known as a biometric sensor. The fingerprint sensor employs a variety of techniques, including ultrasonic, optical, and thermal methods. We used an optical fingerprint sensor in this project. This project's main components are a microcontroller, a fingerprint module, a buzzer, a relay, a keypad, an LCD display, and a motor. The user must place his or her finger on the fingerprint module's optical sensor. We've seen RFID-based security systems and password-based security systems. The main characteristic or specialty of a fingerprint is its uniqueness. It provides greater security for this project than other security systems. Fingerprint identification has long been used for person recognition. The most common application is in criminal cases.

Keywords: Security, System, Fingerprint, Sensor, Lock, Door, Access, Message, Fingerprint Based Security System