Abstract: This paper is about a technology that provides quick ordering system inside the restaurant using restaurantís Wi-Fi and about providing internet access to the authenticated customers. As customer gets connected to the hotel Wi-Fi, a page will be displayed to enter table number for authentication purpose. During this time, he/she cannot access any sites other than hotelís menu page. A unique password will be assigned and displayed on the LCD display mounted on respective table. As he/she completes the authentication, the menu page will be displayed on his/her phone, through which the customer can place the order. As the customer selects the dishes, it will be stored in the cart, from which he/she can verify again and modify the quantity details and then place the order. After placing the first order the network will allow the customer to access other sites. It also provides paperless billing system to the customer and also keeps update of the current status of billing for the customerís benefit. The ordered information is displayed on the display in the kitchen through Wi-Fi for faster servicing without any delay. The servicing is done by the restaurant personnel. Once the payment is done by the customer, the ordered data will be stored in separate database and the customerís internet access privilege will be cancelled.

Keywords: Wi-Fi, Web page, Controller, Authenticate, Database, Networking.