Abstract: This paper aims to develop a Multi-converter unified power quality conditioner (MC-UPQC) and analyses performance with PI. Voltage and current disturbances, fluctuations and unbalance in multi feeder systems can be compensated simultaneously by using MC-UPQC system. Separating the series and the shunt compensation in the implementation this project carries out the MC-UPQC implementation. The shunt compensation is applied in the main feeder and the series compensation is carried out in the rest of the feeders connected in this multi feeder system. PI and d-q controller are used for the MC-UPQC implementation. In this paper, increases the power quality in multi feeders connected to two different power substations by using MC-UPQC. In this proposed topology all the voltage source converters are connected to common DC link capacitor. Implementation is done by MATLAB and the results are obtained.

Keywords: Unified Power quality conditioner (UPQC), Multi-converter unified power quality conditioner (MC-UPQC), Power quality (PQ), Voltage source converter (VSE).