Abstract: The congestion of the urban traffic is becoming one of the critical issues with increasing population and automobiles in cities. Traffic jams not only cause extra delay and stress for the drivers, but also increase fuel consumption, add transportation cost, and increase carbon dioxide air pollution. The traffic controller is one of critical factors affecting the traffic flow. The conventional traffic patterns are nonlinear and complex and time dependent rather than traffic dependent. Here we are proposing a traffic based feedback intersection system which changes the time of green and red light with respect to the traffic flow rather than time. The “SIMS” utilizes very basic hardware to ensure that costs are reasonable & the maintenance is low. The entire project uses Image processing as its principle. The hardware used are Camera, Stepper Motor, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, LCD, LED. This solution to the ever increasing urbanization would help in lowering the level of traffic congestion in many large cities, like Bangalore which experiences a very high level of traffic congestion that has been unprecedented. The result is that most road networks in urban areas would provide an optimal transport system and would also reduce the air pollution, fuel consumption and various other negative factors. Also it would ensure a reduction in accidents due to inefficient traffic management.

Keywords: nonlinear, traffic dependent, Image processing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, traffic congestion.