Abstract: In this article we presented simulated and fabricated MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna for WLAN applications. The designed MIMO antenna consist of four element microstrip patch antenna by using FR-4 substrate and proposed size of the four element MIMO antenna is 62.8X60X1.6mm3. The antenna is fabricated and tested. Fabricated measured results are good in agreement with simulation results. The designed antenna resonated at 5.9GHz frequency and its isolation -21.3dB with overall bandwidth 204MHz and it supported data rate of 5Gbps with maximum correlation coefficient is less than 0.03 and VSWR is 1.2. The result of this proposed MIMO antenna system shows a good isolation, bandwidth, VSWR, and correlation coefficient, hence proposed antenna suited for WLAN applications.

Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, MIMO, WLAN.