Abstract: In present day, the increasing reliance on computer systems has led to the dependence on confidential security measures. Various methods used to identify a user are Digital signature, Challenge-Response, Biometrics, IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), Single- Sign On and Password. Password has become one of the most ubiquitous modern day security tool and is very commonly used for authentication. These passwords are string of characters used for authentication or user access. Unfortunately users set passwords that can be easily memorized, in turn increasing threats. Password meters indicating password strength are used to increase effectiveness of passwords and make them less predictable. Biometrics on the other hand requires the assumption of unrealistic preconditions for performance gain. Access control systems require time-trusted and reliable personal recognition. To overcome the problems faced by these processes individually, we can use a combination of two or more security processes. Two-factor authentication has ameliorated security in authentication systems. Sensitive files can be provided double protection using Rijndael security extension and Mobile Bluetooth tokens. This paper will mainly present the improvement in windows password policies using a combination of mobile Bluetooth and Rijndael encryption.

Keywords: Rijndael encryption, Access control systems, reliable personal recognition, Mobile Bluetooth tokens.