Abstract: Load frequency control (LFC) play a very important role to provide quality of power in interconnected power systems. In this paper hybrid controllers are used to minimize frequency variation as well as tie line power utilization of multi area power system which includes two non-reheated thermal and one hydro system. Hybrid Fuzzy Tilt Integral Derivative (HFTID), 2DOF–proportional-integral (2DOF–PI), 2DOF Proportional – Integral- Derivative (2DOF – PID), 2DOF-Integral plus double derivative (2DOF-IDD) and fuzzy logic controllers are used to control the frequency & tie line power of multi area power system. The main motivation of this paper is to minimize frequency variations and tie line power utilization with minimum peak overshoot and settling time. Hybrid Fuzzy integral plus double derivative (HFIDD) controller is proposed in order to minimize load frequency variation and tie line power utilization. A system involving two non-reheated thermal and one hydro power generation is modeled using MATLAB simulation.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic controller (FLC), Hybrid fuzzy integral plus double derivative (HFIDD), Hybrid fuzzy Tilt integral derivative (HFTID) & integral plus double derivative (IDD) Controllers.