Abstract: Technology in day to day life is developing with very high speed and many new branches have been originated from the wireless sensor networks. The VANET is also a branch of the Wireless Sensor Networks. In VANET the information is shared between nodes through wireless communication network. As security is an essential issue in WSN, any successful attack can cause a great harm or threat for drivers as well as passengers. It can decrease the speed of the whole network and may put a great impact on the performance of the network. Routing between the moving vehicles is very challenging and quite interesting task. In this research work , the performance evaluation of the GPSR (Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing) which is very popular Position Based Routing (PBR) in VANET is done by comparing it with other routing techniques i.e. VSRP (Vehicular Security through Reputation and Plausibility Checks) technique and the proposed improved Reputation and Plausibility Checks technique using Route table. In proposed technique, the dataflow route table is used to improve the results of its counterpart technique (VSRP) using the speed, direction and the orientation of the neighbouring vehicles. The comparison between the results of all the three techniques is done and it is concluded that the results of proposed technique are better than VSRP with the same conditions and parameters.

Keywords: Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR), Position Based Routing (PBR), Vehicular Security through Reputation and Plausibility Checks (VSRP), VANET and NS2.