Abstract: Here in the proposed work the main focus is done on FFT analysis of output voltage of cascade H-bridge multilevel inverter employing selective harmonic elimination method. In selective harmonic elimination, a particular order of harmonic is selected and based on it, width of pulse is decided so that output voltage will be free from that harmonic[1]. Also focus is done on improving the efficiency of the multilevel inverter and quality of output voltage waveform. Selective Harmonics Elimination method is used to reduce the Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) value and to eliminate the lower order harmonics[2]. This topology is suitable for any number of levels. It reduces cost and complexity hence it is opt for industrial applications. In this paper fifth and seventh harmonics have been eliminated. Simulation work is done using the MATLAB software and experimental results have been presented to validate the theory.

Keywords: CHBMLI, SHE, Induction Motor.