Abstract: For study of brain tumor detection and segmentation the MRI Images is very useful in recent years. Due to MRI Images we can detect the brain tumor. For detection of unusual growth of tissues and blocks of blood in nervous system can be seen in an MRI Images. The first step of detection of brain tumor is to check the symmetric and asymmetric Shape of brain which will define the abnormality. After this step the next step is segmentation which is based on two techniques 1) F-Transform (Fuzzy Transform) 2) Morphological operation. These two techniques are used to design the image in MRI. Now by this help of design we can detect the boundaries of brain tumor and calculate the actual area of tumor. In this the f-transform is used to give the certain information like rebuilt of missing edges and extracting the silent edges. Accuracy and clarity in an MRI Images is dependent on each other.

Keywords: Brain Tumor, MRI Images, Fuzzy Transform, Morphological operation.