Abstract: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is the systematic procedure for the analysis and assessment of the potential failure of the equipment. Failure modes of the equipment, causes and effects of the failure modes, detection methods and mitigation methods, as well as the severity of the effects and frequency are specified in the FMEA. This study is a part of the project “consultancy services for preparation of network asset maintenance standards & associated asset management documentation” which are carried out by Monenco consulting engineering company (Iran) for Majan Electricity Company SAOC (Oman). This paper presents FMEA and related worksheets for capacitor banks used in Oman distribution power system and consist of following items: component of the equipment, functions of the component, failure modes of the component, failure causes, failure effect (local and final), detection method, compensating provision, severity of the effect and eventually frequency of the failure modes. This method can be utilized for FMEA execution of all other equipment of the power distribution system. The output of the FMEA can be utilized for critically analysis, Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and risk based maintenance initiatives.

Keywords: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA, Asset Management, capacitor bank.