Abstract: Renewable generation special effects on power quality problems due to its nonlinearity, in view of the fact that solar generation plants and wind power generators are interconnected to the grid through high power static converters. The non-linear loads also produce harmonics that deteriorates power quality problems of the system. The active power filter has been proves the effective method to mitigate harmonic currents. In this paper an active power filter with four leg voltage source inverter using predictive control scheme is implemented, which will compensate current harmonic components and unbalanced current generated by single phase non-linear loads. A simple mathematical model of the active power filter is designed with the help of predictive control algorithm. The compensation performance of the proposed active power filter and the connected control scheme under steady state and transient operating conditions is demonstrated through simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords: Active power filter, current control, four-leg converters, predictive control.